Renato Jimenez

The words that best describe Renato Jimenez’s journey in this world are creativity, self-questioning, art, philosophy, meditation and religion.

Luiz Renato Jimenez was born in São Paulo (8 June 1967), the largest city in Brazil, and from a very young age had an attraction to all forms of art. As a child, he loved spending hours drawing everything around him and started studying music at the age of 7, when he used to “intrude on” his older sister’s acoustic guitar lessons.

Renato studied philosophy at University of Sao Paulo and has always been interested in human sciences. His career as a musician began when he recorded 4 of his own songs at a friend’s studio and the result was beyond expectations. In 1999 he composed and performed live his first soundtrack for a dance piece called “Francis Bacon”, choreographed by Armando Aurich (an awarded Brazilian dancer).

Since then, he has composed music for films and renowned Contemporary Dance and Theatre companies in Brazil and in the UK. performing live at events like Resolution (London), Bienal Sesc de Dança (São Paulo) and Joinville Dance Festival. He took part in many awarded projects and his first musical composition for Theatre was nominated for the Shell Prize Awards, the most prestigious Theatre awards in Brazil.

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